Toronto is getting a massive new food hall and here’s what to expect

Press 01.05.22
Rendering of the future Waterworks Food Hall

Toronto is getting an enormous, lavish new food hall this year and its development plans already indicate it’s going to be a thing of beauty.

Waterworks Food Hall is part of a highly awaited project in a 1930s heritage building just west of Richmond and Spadina which will include a condo, YMCA and massive new food hall inside the building.


The food hall, featuring a wide expanse of restaurants, shops and cafes, will serve as a space for everything from casual dining to special celebrations. The goal of the project is to provide an open space for everyone in the community to eat, drink, shop and hang out together in their own preferred style and setting. Expect to see a cornucopia of flavours from food stalls, food boutiques and stand alone restaurants.


Details on the specific food vendors have not yet been announced but current documentation about the project suggest specialty sandwiches, fresh pasta, noodles, and chocolatiers are just a pinch of what the space will have to offer.

The doors of the Waterworks Food Hall also open up and enter into St. Andrew’s Playground, one of the oldest parks in downtown Toronto. When you visit, you have the option to walk around and stretch out on the grass, maybe grabbing some food from a stall and hosting your own private picnic outside.

Exterior Rendering of the future Waterworks Food Hall

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